Main Features:

1. A flexible modular system with free combined components.

2. Optimized FINE Distillation Columns for premium Distillates

3. Our high-performance Rectification Columns for effective rectification and cleaning of the distillate easily realize alcohol concentrations of up to 95% vol. at any desired purity level.

4. Effective cleaning of the entire distillation unit by means of integrated high-pressure rinsing system.

5. Copper Catalytic Converter technology guarantees a reduction of unwanted acid content as well as cyanide and ethyl carbamate levels.

6. The three-way ball valve can be used to make the distillation equipment multi-functional, and different spirits can be made according to customer needs.

7. COORDINATED FINE DISTILLATE BOTTOMS WITH maximized copper contact surface.This continuously further developed design ensures that the desired flavors unfold and are separated from unwanted component