1000L Alembic Copper still Pot Brewing Equipment Steam Heated Distilling Pot Vodka Whisket Gin Distillation Equipment

ACE custom design and engineer each piece of equipment for industrial use. ACE distilling equipment can make any type of alcohol, such as whiskey, rum, brandy, gin, rum brandy and other types of distilled liquor. The still is turnkey and complete with control panel, agitator and CIP system. All systems are automatic controlled, easy assembly and convenient operation. Can be used in workshops, hotel, restaurant……

Gin Distillation Equipment

Pot Still:

  1. Material: stainless steel/ red copper / stainless steel with red copper

  2. Assembled with agitator


  1. Material: copper/ stainless steel

  2. Reflux control valve

  3. Sight glass, CIP and thermometer at every plate.

  4. Material of condenser: stainless steel/red copper/stainless still with red copper

Working Capacity: 1000L

Upper copper inner pot with SUS304 jacket & PU foam insulation

Steam heating without control box

Power consumption:  100 kg/h steam heating  (or 6*10kw electric heaters)

Agitator: 1.1kw motor, explosion proof with UL & CSA & CE approved

Copper helmet: mushroom shape (also have other shape for choice)

Glass Gin basket: inner with copper basket

14 inch / 350 mm Copper column: 4 Plates + 16 Plates

SUS304 Dephlegmator : shell and tube type

SUS304 Condenser : shell and tube type

SUS304 Parrot with glass proof

SUS304 CIP system: CIP ball & no-return ball, CIP pipe, CIP pump

Bypass system: from pot to condenser / from pot to gin basket to condenser / from pot to column to condenser. etc.