1000L Copper Distilling System Gin Whiskey Vodka Distillery Alcohol Distillation Equipment

1000L Copper Distilling System

1000L Copper Distilling System

MaterialSUS304 or SUS316 or Copper outer
Brewhouse heating waySteam heating or Electric heating
Capacity1000L per batch
Control wayAutomatic control or Semi-automatic control or Manually control
Voltage220V/380V or customized
Warranty3 years
After-serviceEngineer overseas installation provided
Delivery time60 working days
Main marketAmerica, Europe, Australia, South Africa, etc.


Distillation is the process of converting distillate from liquid to liquid gas and then to liquid by using heat energy. Because the boiling point of each component in the distillate is different, the proportion of each component in the liquid before and after distillation is also different.

Since the boiling point of alcohol is lower than that of water, alcohol and aromatic substances in water are easier to volatilize than that of water. During distillation, the amount of alcohol and aromatic substances volatilized is far more than that of water, and the concentration in the liquid condensed after it is converted into steam will also be the initial distillate.

When the wort fermentation is just completed, the proportion of water in the liquor is about 86% – 94%, that of alcohol is about 6% – 14%, and that of other compounds is about 0.1%. After distillation, only about 5% – 35% of water, 65% – 95% of alcohol and 0-0.5% of other compounds remain.

However, the actual production is not so simple. Alcohol and other aromatic substances do not volatilize uniformly at a fixed temperature. Thousands of different chemicals will be produced during the fermentation process, many of which will bring bad taste and even be harmful to human health. Therefore, the composition of the distilled liquid must be strictly controlled.

Even if it is below 100 ℃, water and impurities will evaporate, and the liquor obtained is not pure and has high alcohol content. Therefore, one distillation is not enough. Generally speaking, at least two distillation should be carried out.

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