10HL Steam Distillation Equipment Online Distilling Equipment Rum Whiskey Brandy

Distillery Design

10HL Steam Distillation Equipment Online Distilling Equipment Rum Whiskey Brandy

Building on our extensive experience in the operational side of whiskey making, we are able to offer a bespoke consultancy service for any craft, boutique or artisanal distiller looking to set up their very own distillery.

Reviewing the needs of the client, we can design solutions based on the following key criteria:

  • New spirit quality and style
  • Mature spirit quality and style
  • Annual production capacity/output
  • Spirit cost per liter of alcohol

From these discussions we can then move in to Distillery Design phase and look at:

  • Production plant design – malting, storage, milling, mashing, worth cooling, fermentation, wash distillation, spirit distillation, cask filling, effluent disposal
  • Raw material sourcing and optimisation – malt, yeast, temperatures, flow rates
  • Turn key plant/project solutions
  • Equipment supply

With respect to the time honored still design and tradition, ACE has taken still design to the next level offering maximum flexibility in distillation equipment and the ability to produce multiple products on one still. With optional plate control, users are able to engage or disengage each individual plate or column to produce a wide variety of spirits and flavor profiles.


Pot Capacity 1000L

Heating Method by steam

All connection type by Tri-clamp and flange;easy to installation and clean equipment after a run.

Distillation column red copper column with 5 plates red copper bubble caps

Distiller pot: Inner full copper pot, outer steam jacket with warm insulation layer, outer layer with fish scale polish, full glass manhole to see, top with agitator stirring.

Column plates: full copper bubble plates, side with pass valve to operate, CIP ball insert to each plate to clean, back with CIP pipe and valve to operate.

Bottom collect tanks: water tank to collect condenser water to cycle used with CIP clean, alcohol tanks direct to collect from parrot, bottom connect one water pump.

Copper distiller equipment

More customized distilling system available

100L Distilling Equipment

200L Distilling Equipment

300L Distilling Equipment

500L Distilling Equipment

1000L Distilling Equipment

1500L Distilling Equipment

2000L Distilling Equipment