200L 300L 500L Red Copper Whisky Spirits Distilling Machine Ethanol Alcohol Distillation Equipment

Alcohol Distillation Equipment
Alcohol Distillation Equipment

Ethanol Alcohol Distillation Equipment

  • Capacity: 300L (3-layer jacket with insulation)
  • Manhole diameter: 350 mm
  • Heating method: electric heating or steam heating (according to customer needs)
  • Whiskey helmet: diameter 400 mm (copper)
  • Column: 8 inch copper distillation column (4 copper bubble plates)

8 inch gin basket (stainless steel 304)

8 inch condensation column (stainless steel 304)

  • Equipped with safety valve system, temperature control system, cleaning system, mixer, controller, etc.

ACE 300L alcohol distillation equipment


  • Designed with German technology &  traditional Chinese distillation equipment, and feedback from several trials and foreign customers.
  • Good sealing reduces waste, increase the wine yield (5%-10%) and improve quality.
  • One machine and dual usage. It could make whisky, rum, brandy, tequila etc. By once running of the distiller. By twice distillation the alcohol content will up to 95% and it can also remove methanol.
  • Fast heat conduction can save energy. The material of our distiller is thicker than stills offered by many other manufacturers.
  • The material can be grains, fruits, molasses, low content alcohol.
  • The equipment is made of stainless steel and copper, with beautiful appearance and high sanitary level.
  • Less waste and save labor, also easy to operate and control.
  • Save floor space and greatly improve the hygiene of the entire distillation site for you.

The special attention we give to the final quality inspection of each work is also a guarantee of unparalleled reliability and robustness. If you have any needs or questions, please contact us.