500L Alembic Copper Rum Brandy Distillation Machine Alcohol Distillery Equipment for Sale

How do you manufacture rum?

“Rum” is an alcoholic distillate made from sugar cane, or its derivatives like sugar cane juice, molasses or other sugar cane by-products. The base is combined with water & yeast and after fermentation if is distilled. Majority of rums are produced from molasses.

Vodka Distilling Equipment

Whether it’s a tasting room or micro-distillery, our 500 liter to 2,000 liter systems are what you need to launch your business and share your passion with the world.

500L Alembic Copper Rum Distillation Machine

Pot StillThe pot still can be offered in a combination of stainless steel and copper construction or all copper construction

Heating options include steam jackets and electric

Full CIP

Optional agitator

Optional glass manway

Optional vessel light

Head DesignsHybrid designs

Whiskey designs

Vodka designs

Gin designs

Brandy designs

Cylindrical head

Onion head

Custom head designs available

Rectification ColumnsCopper construction

Bubble cap trays

Individual Tray bypass

Full CIP in each tray

DephlegmatorsTube and shell column condenser

Stainless steel or copper construction

Chilled with glycol or water

Gin BasketStainless steel construction

Removable perforated basket

Bypass or inline

Full CIP

CondenserTube and shell

Stainless steel or copper construction

Chilled with glycol or water

Simple parrot

Full CIP

Optional glass parrot

Distillate TanksDesigned according to distillation capacity for:

Low wines

Final Spirits





Full CIP

Producers of the finest spirits rely on the capabilities and effectiveness of the distilling equipment it utilizes throughout the process. At ACE, we supply whisky (whiskey), rum and gin making equipment. From all sizes of still – 500 liters to 2000 liters – we will have an option for you.