500L Copper Column Alambic Industrial Alcohol Distiller Vodka Whisky Still Distillation Equipment

500L Copper Column Alembic

StructureIncludes: Red copper Kettle, glass Man way, top with agitator red copper still head (goose neck) 1 x 8plate red copper rectification column by pass valves 1 x red copper deflector 1 x red copper gin basket 1 x red copper condenser Parrot Outlet CIP pump and CIP pipe Spirit storage tank for head, heart and tail
Heating Methodsteam heating/60kw electrical heating
Cooling For dephlegmator: needs cooling water about 400L/hour, For condenser: needs cooling water about 3600L/hour.
Optionstainless steel 304 kettle or copper kettle stainless steel 304 column or copper columns
UsageDedicated Stripping Still, Whiskey, Brandy, Gin, Vodka, Rum
Typical Distillation Times1 hour heat up 2~2.5hours stripping run 4~5 hours distillation

Packaging and Shipping

  • Plastic film, bubble film
  • LCL fumigation-free wooden box
  • Wrapped in plastic film and bubble film, iron frame when necessary, fixed in the whole box
  • Comply with export standards, safe transportation

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