ACE Copper commercial Distillation Equipment 500-2000litres vodka shelf distillers

Pot still sizes range from 500 liters to 2,000 liters (120 gallons to 500 gallons), can be constructed with stainless steel and/or copper, and usually offered in a hybrid-style pot still with a wide selection of heads, by passable multi-tray rectification columns and gin basket complete with the condenser. Customized to suite your specific spirit range.

500-2000litres vodka shelf distillers

Whether it’s a tasting room or micro-distillery, our 500 liter to 2,000 liter systems are what you need to launch your business and share your passion with the world.

500–2,000 Liter Systems copper vodka shelf distillers

Turnkey distilling equipment shelf distillers includes:

  • Pot Still

The pot still can be offered in a combination of stainless steel and copper construction or all copper construction

Heating options include steam jackets, steam coil, and electric

Full CIP

Optional agitator

Optional glass manway

Optional vessel light

Copper distiller systems parts custom

  • Head Designs

Hybrid designs

Whiskey designs

Vodka designs

Gin designs

Brandy designs

Stripping head

Cylindrical head

Spirit head or Boil ball head

Intermediate head

Onion head

Inverted Cone head

Rectification column with dephlegmator

Custom head designs available

Full CIP

Thermometer on distill column

  • Rectification Columns

Copper construction

Bubble cap trays

Individual Tray bypass

Full CIP in each tray

  • Dephlegmators

Tube and shell column condenser

Stainless steel or copper construction

Chilled with glycol or water

  • Gin Basket

Stainless steel construction

Removable perforated basket

Bypass or inline

Full CIP

  • Condenser

Tube and shell

Stainless steel or copper construction

Chilled with glycol or water

Simple parrot

Full CIP

Optional glass parrot

Optional thermostatic valve

  • Distillate Tanks

Designed according to distillation capacity for:

Low wines

Final Spirits





Hinged Lid, Top Manway, and Multi-chamber designs

Full CIP

Mash vessel with platform

  • Mash Vessel

Liquor blending station

Steam jackets

Optional cooling jackets

Low shear, multi-blade agitators for superior mixing

Hydration options include 4”TC (standard), bell style, or steel’s masher

Mash pump

Full CIP

Optional Mash Fermentation Vessel

  • Lauter Tun

Optional rakes with spent grain plow assembly

V-Wire screen false bottom

Under-screen flush

Manometer or pressure sensors

Full CIP

Optional Steam jacket

Copper distillery single column shelf distillers

  • Mash/Lauter Tun

Liquor blending station

Hydration options include 4’’TC (standard), bell style, or steel’s masher

Cone or flat bottom designs

V-Wire screen false bottom

Under-screen flush

Optional rakes with spent grain plow assembly

Manometer or pressure sensors

Full CIP

Optional Steam jacket

  • Liquor Tanks

Hot and cold liquor tanks using either heating/cooling jackets or heat exchangers

  • Distiller’s Platform

Custom layout options including rectangular and linear designs

Conveniently located hydrometer station (optional)

Wonderful polish finish and quality material to ensure your great spirit’s taste

  • Ancillary Equipment

Hot wort grant to provide a buffer to the pump during recirculation and run off from the lauter tun

Heat exchanger to cool the wash during transfer to the fermenter

Hot water recovery option available


Digital Scales

Complete grain management, including:

Roller mills

Hammer mills

Augers and conveyors

Grist hoppers

Slide gates

Hydra tors

CIP tanks and skid options

Yeast brinks and propagators

Barrel Dumps


Glycol Chillers

Based on your production yield requirements, investment costs, and plant space, we will design a most suitable project plan for you. Let us help you build a craft distillery together!!!