Craft 500L All-Copper Still Alcohol Distillation Copper Distillery Equipment

Wonderful 500L distillery facility

Craft 500L All-Copper Still

What’s the distillery equipment consist of?

Still pot Capacity 500L, explosion proof agitator motor, full glass manway
Helmet Copper Whisky helmet
Column copper made with 9 plates
Dephlegmator copper made, pipe and she’ll type
condenser column Copper/stainless steel made, pipe and she’ll type
Storage Tank Three storage tanks for heart/head/tail
Application It can make sure you get function of distilling whisky, brandy, vodka, gin etc.
  • Pot Still

A Pot Still is used in the production of many of the world’s most popular spirits. The process involves a specified amount of liquid going into the still pot and distilling into spirit. Then the leftover dregs are dumped, the still gets cleaned out, and the whole process begins anew.

  • Distillation Column with Bubble Caps

A distillation column is an essential item used for the distillation of liquid mixtures in order to separate the mixture into its component parts or fractions, based on the differences in volatilities. The purpose of a distillation column is to separate a compound containing two or more mutually soluble solutions by their variation of individual boiling points.

The vapor comes into contact with the bubble caps inside the column; this causes vapor to condense back into a liquid. The liquid drips back down through the column and is eventually forced back up through the caps and plates. Each plate contains red copper bubble caps and one sight glass, a CIP ball, a discharge valve, etc.

Copper premium quality distilling system

  • Dephlegmator

A dephlegmator is a device set for the partial condensation of a multicomponent vapor stream. The vapor stream flows vertically upwards, and the condensate (condensed vapor) runs back down under the influence of gravity.

A tube-type heat exchanger dephlegmator at the top of the distillation column sends the distillate back toward the boiler, with a cooling water inlet and outlet, topped with a thermos.

  • Gin Basket

The hot vapor enters the down pipe from above, exits from the bottom of the down pipe, rises upward, passing through the tray of botanical, and exits through a horizontal tube at the top.

The gin basket allows for botanical to be used in the vapor path added for a very clean, top-class end product.

  • Condenser

This is a device or unit used to condense vapor into liquid, with a cooling water inlet and outlet, topped with a thermos.

  • Parrot Outlet

A distiller’s parrot is connected between the condenser and collection container. It allows the distillate to flow through on its way to the collection container.

  • Support Frame and Storage Tank

Support Frames and Storage Tanks to be used in conjunction with your distillery equipment can be added to your order. We can also make two small storage tanks inside the spirit tank, so there will be three storage tanks for the head, heart, and tail

Distillery equipment details

Product information

Brand ACE Model 500l
Volts 220V,380V,400V Rating 10-12KW
Weight 350-500KG Certificate Available
Guarantee 2 Years After-Sale Consult 7*24h
Material SUS304, SUS316L, T2 Red Copper Volume 100-5000L
Available Space Craft Distillery, Farm Leading Time 50-65Day
Heating Source Electric/Steam
Usage Making Whiskey/Brandy/Vodka/Rum

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