Benefits of Electric Heated Brewing Systems: Enhancing the Brewing Experience

Ease: Electricity is directly supplied to your home, ready to meet the demand and eliminate the need for gas runs.

Convenience and Safety: There is no combustion involved, so you can safely brew indoors without creating harmful carbon monoxide. No more interruptions from snowstorms!

Performance: Electric immersion elements deliver heat directly to the water and wort with minimal loss, while a traditional burner can waste up to 60% of its heat output to the surroundings. A 5,500-watt (18,767 BTU/hour) electric burner outperforms an 80,000 BTU/hour (23,446 watts) gas heater.

Accuracy: Electric burners are easily controlled and lend themselves to automation and repeatability.

Happy Ear Openings: If you have ever experienced slight hearing loss due to the deafening roar of a jet engine-like burner, you will appreciate the silence of an electric brewing gear.

Price: In most areas, using gas is two to three times more expensive than using electricity, and using propane can cost you five to ten times as much.

Going electric is not as simple as plugging into an electrical outlet and starting your brew. You need to have enough power to heat your brewery and produce a batch within a reasonable amount of time. With a little basic math, you can determine the power you need and whether you’ll need to rewire your home to accommodate it.

An electric brewing system involves more than just purchasing a device and plugging it in. You can work backward to determine what type of brewing system and electrical wiring upgrades, if necessary, will help you achieve your goals.

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