Choosing the Perfect Alcohol Distillation Equipment: Expert Tips and Advice

Firstly, you need to understand the distillation process

The distillation process typically occurs in a distill column, where alcohol is separated from the wash through multiple cycles of condensing and evaporating. When the boil kettle is heated, the alcohol vapor rises to the Copper Helmet and enters the still column, passing through bubble caps. As the hot vapor meets the liquid bed, heat is dispersed, causing the temperature of the liquid bed to rise and produce more vapor. This process occurs on each plate, resulting in higher purity as the alcohol vapor becomes condensed in the next cycle. This is why having more still columns leads to greater purification.

Secondly, how to determine the number of still columns

If you want to make whiskey, it is better to have a lower number of plate columns, as whiskey requires more flavor than purity. However, if you want to make vodka, we recommend using a still column with at least 18 layers. Having more plates allows for more phase changes, resulting in a purer vodka. Keep in mind that more plates will require a longer run time.

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Thirdly, different types of distillers

Understanding the different types of distillers can help you choose the right alcohol distillation equipment to create the desired spirit.

Reflux column:

It consists of a boiling pot, still column with copper plates, lynn arm, and condenser. The more layers of still columns you have, the purer the alcohol will be. On the other hand, fewer plates result in a more flavorful alcohol.

Pot still:

It consists of a large pot, swan neck, lynn arm, gin basket (optional), and condenser. Distillers heat the wash in the pot, forcing the steam to pass through the swan neck. Some of the liquid condenses and drops back into the pot, while some steam flows into the still column.

Fourthly, considering your budget for alcohol distillery equipment

Budgeting for alcohol distillation equipment can be time-consuming, as you need to consider irrigation fittings, heating elements, extra gaskets, clamps, etc. Remember that time is money, so be cautious if you come across prices significantly lower than the standard. It could indicate poor quality welds, potential problems in the future, and additional costs for repairing the equipment. If you want to save on your budget for alcohol distillation equipment, consider using more stainless steel instead of red copper, rather than opting for a high configuration at a lower price.

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