Craft Beer Filling: Essential Tips for a Flawless Experience

The process of brewing craft beer is intricate, and every step from raw material selection to filling must be taken seriously. ACE would like to share some precautions to consider during the filling process.

1. Requirements for Beer Bottle Filling

Cleanliness is crucial when it comes to filling beer bottles as it directly impacts the quality of the beer. The bottle cleaning process should ensure no cross-contamination, and the cleaning rate should meet the standards for beer bottle washing. To meet these requirements, our machine adopts a two-end structure, allowing for two bottles to be filled simultaneously. We use a multi-tank segmented immersion and internal and external spray cleaning method during the washing process. For marking, we use an outer marking system and stainless steel bottle bottom boxes. Additionally, there will be a separate cleaning and sterilization line system.

2. Capping After Filling

Capping is a critical step in the beer forming and capping process. Apart from addressing general concerns during beer filling, we must also tackle the issue of secondary pollution between the bottle, lid, and beer during filling. Therefore, the overall combiner structure, filling process route, bottle cap conveying system, and CIP cleaning system must meet the requirements for beer bottle production.

3. Requirements for the Working Environment of Beer Filling

The beer bottling environment has strict demands not only for the bottling equipment but also for the cleanliness of bottling workshops and filling areas. It is recommended to use epoxy resin floors in clean rooms to prevent bacterial residue in floor tile joints. This ensures a clean filling area, clean equipment, and a clean site environment, offering a reliable guarantee for beer filling. Additionally, the bottling system should be equipped with a dust cover and a bottom sterilization tank to allow only clean bottles to enter the filling and capping machine.

If you are planning to open a brewery, ACE can help answer your questions and provide the complete brewery equipment system. We supply 50-5000L brewing brewery equipment systems, including malt milling equipment, brewhouse equipment, fermenters, brite beer tanks, beer bottling machines, beer canning machines, beer kegging machines, and hopping machines. We also offer auxiliary brewery systems such as steam heating pipes and valves, water treatment, filters, air compressors, and more. Everything you need for your brewery is in our inventory.

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