Crafting the Birth of an Exquisite Brewery: A Journey into the Art of Fine Brewing

Crafting the Birth of an Exquisite Brewery: A Journey into the Art of Fine Brewing

Brewery Design

A variety of topics have been discussed and considered during the brewery design phase. However, there are also a whole new set of factors to consider when combining designs.

Will you be brewing on site? Does the physical layout of the brewery need to accommodate a large amount of foot traffic? Where will you store manufacturing materials?

An efficient and safe design for brewery spaces is crucial. As a crucial aspect of the commercial space, the brewery’s setup needs to allow materials to enter in one way and beer to flow out in another.

Other aspects to incorporate into the design include:

Equipment height and width.

Logistical requirements (the space should be designed to efficiently locate all equipment pieces and accommodate equipment necessary for material movement, such as a forklift).

Anchoring platform posts and tank legs.

Brewing considerations (a clean and reliable water source is essential).

Uniform water pressure (to achieve necessary rinses and mashing).

A filtration treatment system.

Consistent temperature.

Contamination (one of the most common problems! We typically specify high-quality stainless steel for easier cleaning).

Proper handling of brewing operation discharge.




Future expansion.

ACE complete 10hl beer brewing system

Brewery Production

Time to create your equipment! This is a highly exciting stage in the process. The first step is to grab a pencil and start sketching.

Well, it’s a bit more complex than that, but before anything else, we need to put the physical dimensions of the equipment on paper. We collaborate with the factory and the client to create detailed sketches showcasing every equipment piece along with all the finer details.

Next, we use a program to incorporate each element into the agreed-upon site layout. Our aim is to establish a space that facilitates the most efficient process flow. The drawings are done to scale, resulting in a highly accurate representation of how the brewery will look in real life.

We engage in constant back-and-forth communication with our customers, ensuring their satisfaction and agreement with the measurements. This may take time, but it’s the most crucial part of the production process. These drawings then serve as blueprints for the manufacturing team.

We manufacture using 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, or copper, depending on the client’s brewing objectives and preferences.

We manufacture our equipment to the highest standards because the quality of your equipment truly makes a huge difference to your product and the overall success of your brewery. We must ensure there are no conditions conducive to bacterial growth. Cleaning is a top priority!

From the choice of steel or copper sheets to the quality of welding and polishing, you can expect the best.

Brewery Installation

This stage is highly anticipated but can be daunting for some clients. That’s why we’re here to assist you every step of the way if needed.

The most important phase of the brewery installation process is preparation. We complete as much work as possible prior to the equipment’s arrival, collaborating with clients and contractors to ensure all utilities are in place. This includes electricity, water, plumbing, and lighting. Having these in working order expedites and simplifies the installation process for everyone.

We also make sure you have all the necessary equipment for installation day, such as forklifts, trucks, and cranes.

A well-planned checklist ensures that when the equipment arrives on site (yay!), we can unload it, position it correctly, and set it up. It becomes more of a “plug and play” process.

We aim to make installation as easy as possible, so we usually have a team member present on the day to assist with unloading and directing traffic. It can sometimes be like playing Tetris, making sure to place the right piece first so that everything else fits together.

Let’s make beer!

At the end of the day, we know you’re eager to get started! That’s why we work hard to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

Once you’ve begun brewing and everything is functioning, we can still provide guidance if you have any further questions.

We can even help you develop a recipe!

Because your success is our success. Every time a client succeeds, we do a happy dance.

We love seeing breweries thrive, grow, and learn more.

If you’d like to work with us, please contact us today! Or if you simply want to learn more about our services.

We always enjoy chatting!

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