Discover the Fascinating World of Centrifuges

Discover the Fascinating World of Centrifuges

What is a centrifuge?

A centrifuge is a machine that utilizes centrifugal force to separate components from a mixture of liquid and solid particles or a mixture of liquids.

Disc Stack Separation System

Centrifuges are mainly classified into three types: three-legged centrifuges, horizontal spiral centrifuges, disc centrifuges, and tubular centrifuges. Below is a description of disc centrifuges.

The system is specifically designed for beer pre-clarification and aims to produce high-quality beer with excellent performance and extended shelf life. The separators are high-performance clarifiers with intermittent solids discharge. The design ensures low power consumption and minimal oxygen pick-up.

Components: Disc Stack Centrifuge/Flow Meter/Regulation Valve/PLC cabinet/Process pipe and valves/Skid.

Why use discs?

Discs reduce the settling path and increase the settling area.

Applications of centrifuges

Hot wort separation.

Recovery of beer from residual yeast and tank bottoms.

Clarification of fresh beer with the addition of yeast or can dregs.

Separation of cold wort, dregs wort, and fresh beer.

Adjustment of beer turbidity.

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