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Prohibition of Beer Drinking in Some Countries

Most Muslim countries have strict regulations on alcohol consumption due to religious beliefs. Legal, moral, belief, and education are four factors that restrict both group and personal behaviors. These factors overlap significantly, but there are differences in cultural backgrounds, politics, and ethics.

As for the main legal restrictions on beer consumption, different countries have their own variations. Currently, in Afghanistan, the local population is prohibited from owning and consuming alcohol. However, the government issues business licenses to many stores, allowing them to sell alcohol to foreign reporters and tourists. Foreigners entering Afghanistan can bring two bottles or two liters of alcohol with them.

In Bangladesh, any beverage with an alcohol content higher than 0.5% is considered alcoholic. The sale and consumption of alcohol are strictly regulated throughout the country. However, this law does not apply to non-Muslim residents or travelers in Bangladesh. In certain areas such as restaurants, hotels, bars, and tourist spots, alcohol can be legally purchased.

Can Beer Be Made with Only Four Ingredients?

In reality, beer does not necessarily have to be made with just four ingredients. According to the definition, beer is an alcoholic beverage typically made from grains, malt, hops (to add flavor), and yeast (for fermentation). However, this does not mean that every beer must include malt, hops, and yeast. In the past, brewers often used other spices and herbs to enhance the flavor.

There are even beers that do not use yeast at all and instead rely on microorganisms for fermentation. For example, Stella Artois, according to the brewers, does not contain any added yeast. Instead, they use biological enzymes to fulfill the role of yeast.

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