Discover the Secrets to Acquiring High-Quality Beer Brewing Equipment in China

Discover the Secrets to Acquiring High-Quality Beer Brewing Equipment in China

How to Purchase Beer Brewing Equipment in China?

Many foreign customers are now considering buying brewing equipment from China due to its competitive pricing. Compared to equipment manufactured in the United States or Europe, Chinese brewing equipment is priced 40% to 60% lower. However, concerns arise regarding whether the lower price compromises the quality of the equipment. ACE Equipment, a professional beer brewing equipment manufacturer in China, provides the following guidelines to help you purchase Chinese brewing equipment.

1. Research and Consult Chinese Manufacturers

If you intend to purchase Chinese brewing equipment, begin by conducting online research and creating a shortlist of manufacturers that you believe possess strong and reliable technology. Contact these manufacturers and request recommendations from breweries that have already purchased or are currently using their equipment. Chinese manufacturers are usually willing to connect you with their previous customers, allowing you to evaluate the quality of their equipment. During these conversations, request equipment videos, pictures, and customer testimonials. Additionally, engage in further communication with the technical engineers. As more breweries adopt Chinese-made beer equipment, you may even have the opportunity to visit a local brewery that utilizes equipment from your preferred manufacturer. This will aid in narrowing down your options of beer equipment manufacturers.

2. Discuss Your Project Plan

You need to discuss your brewing project with your preferred equipment manufacturer. A reputable beer equipment manufacturer will inquire about various aspects of your project, such as:

  • The monthly or yearly brewing capacity you plan to achieve
  • Your overall budget for the project
  • The size of your brewery space
  • The brewing process you intend to use
  • Your goals for the next 3-5 years

These inquiries apply to both new brewery installations and brewery upgrades.

3. Brewery Equipment List and Layout

Once you and the equipment manufacturer agree on a solution, they will provide you with a complete list of equipment. From there, collaborate with the manufacturer to finalize the list, including considerations such as the volume and quantity of fermenters, as well as the need for a yeast rim. Simultaneously, create a checklist and evaluate the building layout to ensure efficient workflow and minimize brewery operating costs.

4. Determine the Delivery Time

After placing an order, it typically takes 2 to 4 months for the equipment to be manufactured and shipped to your site. Throughout this period, Chinese equipment manufacturers will commence production according to the agreed specifications and keep you informed of the project’s progress. Meanwhile, prepare your building for installation in collaboration with the manufacturer. This entails addressing the following aspects:

  • Access points for utilities (water and electricity)
  • Water tank floor plan and location
  • Ceiling height (as it impacts equipment design)
  • Building classification (residential or industrial)

5. Brewery Equipment Shipment and Commissioning

Prior to shipping the brewery equipment, you may wish to inspect its condition. This ensures that the equipment meets the manufacturer’s quality standards and aligns with your agreement. Subsequently, arrange for transportation to the designated installation site. The equipment may take 6-8 weeks to arrive. During this period, complete the necessary building configurations to facilitate the equipment installation.

6. Installation of Beer Equipment

If there has been effective communication between the buyer and seller throughout the manufacturing phase, equipment installation can be completed within 2 weeks. Following the intricate installation process, the next step is commissioning. Initial brewery equipment setups usually involve cleaning, acid brewing, and tank passivation prior to actual beer production. Once the installation is complete and both parties are satisfied, the manufacturer will assist you in familiarizing yourself with the new system. Typically, the manufacturer will conduct a minimum of 2 brewing sessions with you, allowing you to understand the equipment workflow, brewing process, and address any specific questions you may have. This preparation phase ensures that you are equipped to brew exceptional beer using your new system.

7. After-Sales Service

After-sales service is a crucial consideration when selecting a beer equipment manufacturer. In the event that your equipment encounters issues during production, you can rely on the manufacturer for assistance in resolving problems and answering any inquiries about the equipment. This ensures a smooth and uninterrupted operation.

This serves as a reference guide for purchasing Chinese brewing equipment. If you desire further information, feel free to leave us a message on our website. We welcome discussions!

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