distiller 100 liter 200 liter distiller Copper distilling equipment

We can customize the still to fit your building. Customization is no problem. We can make this still with any size boiler or column diameter.

Design and capabilities is for small to medium scale production of vapor infused spirits at maximum proof. Proof changes & flavor profile manipulation can be accomplished with the column plate drains.

Copper distilling equipment


The picture above is of our 200L Electric Heated, Gin Still.

These 200L Stills can be heated by electric.

This 200L still could be used for distilling whiskey, rum, gin.

It is single-layer copper, with gin basket and 4 plates columns.


Material: Stainless Steel 304, Red Copper T2

Type: 1. Single layer ; 2. With heating jacket only; 3. With heating jacket & PU insulation.

Accessories: thermometer, thermoses, pressure gauge, pressure relief valve, inlet, outlet, breath valve, reflux hole, glass manhole, CIP ball, etc.


Material: Stainless Steel 304, Union Connection, easy to installation.

Voltage: 208V/ 220V/ 240V/ 380V/415V/ 460V etc. (can supply voltage according to customer request,

Exp roof motor with CE/ UL / CSA certificate.

Goose Neck / Vapor Chamber

Material: Stainless Steel / Red Copper

Have different shape for option.

Gin Basket/ Botanical Basket

Enhance flavor and extended the range of your system.

For making Gin, Schnapps, etc.

Material: Stainless Steel/ Red Copper

Inside with removable filter basket, have different shape for option.

Distillation Column

We can tailor the height and plate number for your specific application.

The max height of column can reach 2000 mm, up to 10 plates within a pair of flanges.

For 70-90% ABV: 4~6 plates; for 88-95% ABM: 6~20 plates

Bubble Tray / Bubble Cap

The bubble tray integrated within a tightly embedded inner shell, to avoid welding scar around the column.

Bubble caps and screw are made of red copper, the screw with a no dead corner design, can 100% meet sanitary stand.

The bubble cap have 6 size: DN26/ DN38/ DN45/ DN52/ DN65/ DN76


A chilling apparatus (condenser) at the top of the reflux column.

It’s comprised of a bank of tubes with cold water running through them. This increase reflux, and the purity o f the distillate.

Material: Red Copper / Stainless Steel 304L

heat exchanger, with cooling water inlet and outlet

with a sight glass (optional) and thermometer in the top.


A heat exchanger in which hot vapors are cooled and condensed into liquid.

Material: Red Copper / Stainless Steel 304

Structural tube type heat exchanger; with cooling water inlet and outlet.

With a thermometer.

For stainless steel condenser, the surface can finished as scaled.

Parrot Outlet

Material: Stainless Steel 304/ Glass/ Red Copper

Can supply different shape of spirit safety according to customer’s request.

CIP Pump & Pipe Fitting

All stainless steel 304 pipe fitting with an Ex-proof centrifugal pump (UL/ CSA/ CE)

Have Hand Valve and Automatic Valve for option.

Support leg

All support are made of stainless steel 304

Can shape as customers request.

Alcohol Collecting Tank

Used for storage of spirit of head, heart and tails.

Can do as different shape.

Structure: Single layer