Embracing the Craft Beer Craze: Discovering the Reasons Behind its Popularity

When it comes to craft beer, which is beloved by many drinkers, interested individuals and beginners may wonder why so many people choose it as their go-to drink, even though it’s difficult to find in supermarkets. There are numerous brands whose names you’ve likely never heard before. Instead of consuming easily accessible and common beers sold in markets, we have compiled 5 reasons why you will definitely love craft beer.

What is Craft Beer?

Craft beer refers to specific and micro-brewed beer, which is often considered a form of craftsmanship. From the process of selecting raw materials, fermenting beer, choosing specific hops, to intentionally brewing limited quantities each time, craft beer is distinct from industrial beer produced by machines. Craft beers have their own charms and consistently attract new craft beer enthusiasts. Additionally, let’s not forget that the craft beer world always offers new flavors and styles for all beer fanatics to try!

Things You’ll Love About Craft Beer

Craft beer is easy to drink.

You might be familiar with the traditional idea of pairing food with wine. Why not try savoring the talk-of-the-town novel craft beers, which are meticulously crafted? Nowadays, there is a wide range of craft beers available, both imported and domestically produced. Each flavor has its own distinctive profile and can perfectly complement various meals, such as pairing IPA beers with steaks or burgers.

Perfect Recipes

Each individual brewery has its own unique fermentation process and recipes, and carefully selects high-quality ingredients for brewing. Drinkers can be assured that the beer is well-fermented and made with the finest ingredients, resulting in an amazing taste experience!

Various Styles to Love

In addition to perfect recipes, each brewery has its own interests and expertise. As a result, they can craft beers in diverse styles and flavors, including IPA, Ale, and Stouts. Craft Beer Competitions even offer up to 94 different beer styles for evaluation.

Craft Beer Comes with Great Stories

With a wide variety of craft beer styles, each brewery has its own unique story. From the initial stages of fermentation, to the search for the perfect ingredients, to the bottling process, every bottle of craft beer has its own narrative. This storytelling aspect adds to the fascination of craft beer.

Higher Alcohol by Volume

You may find it hard to believe, but some craft beer brands offer an ABV (alcohol by volume) of 20%! While these options are definitely worth trying, most craft beers have an ABV that depends on the style. For example, IPAs usually range from 5-10% ABV, making them delightful to drink. With each sip, you’ll gradually experience an exhilarating journey. Give it a try and prepare to be fascinated!

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