Enhance Your Beer Brewing Experience with Premium Chillers

Enhance Your Beer Brewing Experience with Premium Chillers

The chiller is a crucial component in the entire beer brewing system. ACE has opted for a water-cooled style chiller that directly outputs glycol water instead of Freon. The chiller is equipped with a glycol water tank and a glycol water pump, forming a complete glycol cooling system.

During operation, the chiller releases hot air and noise. Due to this, most customers prefer to place the chiller outside of the room. In such cases, a protective cover should be used to prevent rain erosion, which is a simple task.

However, it is important to consider the local winter temperature. The chiller works best in temperatures above -15 degrees Celsius. If the temperature falls below this threshold, the chiller may not function properly and needs to be placed indoors. In this case, it is necessary to install a large air exhaust fan in the room. Although the cooling system does produce some noise during operation, it is within reasonable limits. We use high-quality compressors, such as Emerson, in our chillers.

Whether the chiller is placed indoors or outdoors, it is still preferable to have two chillers in a larger beer system. This allows the chillers to work alternately, extending their lifespan.

This is based on our experience. We welcome you to visit the ACE website for more detailed information.

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