Enhance Your Brewery’s Efficiency: A Guide to Selecting the Perfect Grain Conveyor System

Enhance Your Brewery's Efficiency: A Guide to Selecting the Perfect Grain Conveyor System

The transportation of malt has been utilized in the craft beer industry to reduce labor intensity and improve work efficiency to a certain extent. It has also contributed to the improved mechanization of equipment, thereby promoting industrial upgrading. Below is a brief overview of the development history of transportation equipment and the considerations for equipment selection.

Conveying Equipment

The supporting transportation of craft beer equipment originated from the grain processing industry, where large grain storage warehouses are commonly seen. Adjacent to these warehouses are bucket elevators and scraper belt conveyors for horizontal conveying. These systems facilitate the efficient movement of grains during operation. Additionally, wind is often used to convey food to the mill, and collection vehicles are equipped with screw conveyors to transport the grain.

Bucket Lift Conveyor

The most commonly employed conveying equipment in the craft beer industry is the bucket elevator. It is typically constructed using carbon steel and features plastic buckets on its belt. This equipment efficiently lifts materials from the lower material hopper to the desired height. However, one drawback is that a significant amount of residual material remains under the hopper after each use. Failure to clean this residue promptly can lead to mold and deterioration, which not only affects subsequent use but also compromises the sanitary environment and beer quality. Unfortunately, this issue cannot be resolved by changing the material to stainless steel. Hence, bucket lift conveyors are more suitable for large-scale brewery factories exceeding 5000L brewhouses.

Screw Conveyor

Screw conveyors come in two types: shafted and shaftless. Shaftless screw conveyors, also known as flexible screw conveyors, offer greater flexibility and are not limited to straight lines. The use of screw conveyors is prevalent in small and medium-sized beer brewing industries due to their cost-effectiveness and high conveying efficiency.


  • Shafted screw conveyors are more efficient than shaftless ones.
  • Shaftless conveyors provide flexibility and can change direction in the middle.


  • Similar to bucket lift conveyors, screw conveyors also encounter issues with residual material at the bottom.
  • The conveying capacity of axial screw conveyors decreases with increasing elevation angle.
  • Due to the high speed of shaftless flexible screw conveyors, excessive crushing may occur, resulting in loud noise and the possibility of crushed materials within the tube.

Wind Conveyor

Wind conveyors have long been a standard configuration in the grain processing industry. They rely on the suction generated by large fans to transport grains along with the airflow.


  • Capable of long-distance, three-dimensional, and multi-angle transportation.
  • No residue left behind during transportation.
  • Conveys materials with low noise levels.


  • The discharge port requires a vertically installed cyclone separator, making it unsuitable for venues with limited height.
  • A small amount of dust is generated due to the presence of a dust bag behind the fan, which can affect the sanitation of the crushing site.
  • As the carrier for conveying, wind cannot achieve 100% material proportion, resulting in relatively lower efficiency.

Pipe Chain Conveyor

Pipe chain conveyors were previously standard equipment in the livestock and poultry breeding industry. However, after improvements, they have become high-end configurations in the craft brewing industry.


  • Facilitates long-distance, three-dimensional, and multi-angle transportation within a range of 100 meters.
  • No retention, no gaps, and full pipe for efficient transportation.
  • Conveys materials with low noise levels.
  • An excellent match with the middle-discharge double-roll mill.


The price is relatively high.


The selection of malt conveying equipment should consider your specific needs—the goal being to improve work efficiency and reduce labor intensity. If you are interested in equipping your winery with excellent malt delivery equipment to brew delicious beer, feel free to contact us. We will provide professional technical support and customized beer equipment solutions to help you brew better beer. Whether you plan to open or expand a brewery, contact us directly for a turnkey solution. Our engineers will design and manufacture brewery equipment tailored to your brewing process.

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