Enhance Your Design Skills with These 8 Tips for Brewhouse Equipment

Enhance Your Design Skills with These 8 Tips for Brewhouse Equipment

The brewhouse equipment is the heart of craft brewery operations as it serves as the nexus connecting all components together. When properly designed, the brewhouse can also become the centerpiece of the brewery, attracting customers and piquing their interest.

Moreover, a well-designed brewhouse can lead to significant cost savings. During the construction and equipping of the brewhouse, careful consideration should be given to the goals and aspirations for the brewery. This ensures a seamless brewing process and favorable outcomes. Time is precious, and thus, brewhouse design should aim to minimize the time required for tasks. A subpar design may result in inefficient brewery production, haphazard processes, and unnecessary resource expansion.

While certain aspects of brewhouse design are subjective and based on personal preferences, we, at Us, adhere to correct methodologies to provide customers with the most suitable brewery equipment. In the following sections, our engineers will outline some precautions to help you avoid costly mistakes and achieve your desired brewery setup.

8 Tips for Designing Brewhouse Equipment

How Many Containers Does the Brewhouse Utilize?

This is a crucial consideration as your chosen heating method may dictate the configuration of your entire brewery equipment. Us provides various heating methods, including steam heating, direct fire heating, and electric heating. To understand the pros and cons of each method, you can refer to our article titled “Brewhouse Heating Options: Electric vs Steam vs Direct Fire”.

Prior to deciding on a heating method, it is advisable to assess your site and the available public utilities:

  • Do you have access to a natural gas pipeline?
  • Is on-site venting of gas cylinders possible? (This is pertinent for gas-fired steam boilers or direct combustion)
  • What is your electricity consumption and cost? (This is crucial for electric heating elements and electric steam boilers)

If you are planning to open a brewery or expand your existing one, you can directly reach out to Us for a turnkey solution. Our engineers will design and manufacture brewery equipment tailored to your specific brewing process. Additionally, we offer comprehensive turnkey solutions. For those seeking to expand their brewery, we are pleased to provide customized solutions as well.

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