Enhancing Appeal: Polished Mirror and Sleek 2B Finishes for Fermenters

Our factory sells thousands of fermenters every year, but less than 20% of them are finished with an internal mirror. Let’s analyze this from the following perspectives.

Beer Tank Treatment

If customers prefer mirror polishing, our workshop will use mirror stainless steel to create the inner shell of the fermenter. The mirror plate is polished and waxed based on a 2B plate. Both the mirror surface and 2B plate are directly purchased from well-known stainless steel manufacturers.

Beer Tank Polishing Accuracy

Mirror polishing achieves a precision of 0.1~0.2 μm, while 2B after polishing, pickling, and passivation achieves a precision of 0.2~0.4 μm.

Aesthetic Considerations

Mirror polishing results in a smoother and more beautiful finish compared to 2B polishing.

Changes in the Welding Process

During the welding process, our skilled welders attach the pit jacket to the inner shell, whether it’s a mirror or 2B plate. Sometimes, due to the high welding temperature, small spots may appear on the inner shell, though they are not very noticeable. For the 2B inner shell, the final step is pickling and passivation to remove these spots and create a smooth surface.

However, pickling and passivation are not allowed for the inner shell of the mirror in order to protect the initial mirror finish. As a result, these spots may remain, giving the appearance of a funhouse mirror. In our workshop, the welding of mirror plates is carried out by our most skilled workers.

The Impact on Beer Quality

As mentioned earlier, the mirror polishing process involves waxing. This wax is difficult to remove quickly and may linger in the tank, potentially affecting the beer. In contrast, the 2B surface does not have any hard-to-clean wax or other substances.

In summary, mirror finishes are smoother and more aesthetically pleasing, but they can also have drawbacks. 2B polishing provides greater stability throughout the fermentation process, and a precision of 0.2~0.4 is sufficient for beer fermentation. Therefore, more people choose 2B polishing for the inner shell of the fermenter.

2B Polished Fermenter

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