Enhancing Craft Beer Equipment Sanitization: Unveiling the Power of Hydrogen Peroxide!

Enhancing Craft Beer Equipment Sanitization: Unveiling the Power of Hydrogen Peroxide!

The Principle of Using Hydrogen Peroxide for Disinfection in Craft Beer Equipment

Beer equipment is manufactured using specific techniques and principles. Today, I will explain how craft beer equipment is sterilized using hydrogen peroxide.

Hydrogen peroxide is a colorless, odorless, non-toxic, and transparent liquid that has undergone synergistic and stable treatment. Due to the collaborative effect of hydrogen peroxide and its synergist, the effectiveness and speed of sanitation and infection control are significantly enhanced, resulting in better sanitation. Stable hydrogen peroxide possesses broad-spectrum, high-efficiency, and long-lasting disinfection properties.

Variables Influencing the Safety of Hydrogen Peroxide


Impurities are a crucial factor that affects the safety of hydrogen peroxide. Various metal ions, such as divalent iron ions, divalent manganese ions, divalent copper ions, trivalent chromium ions, etc., promote the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide. By adding a small amount of stabilizers, such as sodium stannate, sodium pyrophosphate, or 8-hydroxyquinoline, the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide can be inhibited through reduction and complexation reactions.

pH Value

Hydrogen peroxide exhibits relatively stable behavior at lower temperatures and higher purity. At lower temperatures, the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide is relatively stable, and the reaction is as follows: 2H2O2 → 2H2O + O2 ↑ +46.94 kcal.


To improve the stability of hydrogen peroxide, it is necessary to control factors such as light, heat, metal ion content, and pH value. Stable hydrogen peroxide has excellent stability due to its high purity and low levels of impurities such as metal ions.


The pH of the equipment greatly influences the stability of hydrogen peroxide. Under acidic conditions, hydrogen peroxide remains highly stable, and the rate of oxidation reaction is slow. In alkaline media, hydrogen peroxide is very unstable, and the decomposition rate is rapid.

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