Enhancing Nano/Micro Brewery Operations with Advanced Control Cabinets

Enhancing Nano/Micro Brewery Operations with Advanced Control Cabinets

Usually, if a customer is new to the craft beer brewing industry, they may assume that control should be fully automatic. They expect that by pressing a single button, the brewing process will automatically proceed and they can obtain the beer without any additional work. While this level of automation is achievable in industrial breweries, it is not the most suitable option for nano or micro breweries with capacities ranging from 200 to 5000L. In such cases, a semi-automatic control panel is more appropriate.


the beer recipes in nano/micro breweries are highly diverse. Even experienced brewers often experiment with new recipes in their breweries. Different recipes require different brewing methods. Compared to full-automatic control panels, semi-automatic control panels offer greater flexibility. Brewers can freely adjust and customize the brewing process based on the specific recipe being used.


in craft beer brewing, the brewer’s skills and actions play a significant role. Even when using the same recipe, the flavor of the beer can differ depending on the brewer. Therefore, many brewers prefer to actively participate in the brewing process to ensure that the beer meets their intentions. Semi-automatic control panels facilitate this involvement, allowing brewers to actively engage in the brewing process and achieve various flavors. In contrast, what can a brewer do in a fully automatic control brewery?


in fully automatic breweries, if one program fails unexpectedly, the subsequent programs may be profoundly affected if the brewer cannot identify and resolve the issue promptly.


the cost of a full-automatic control panel is significantly higher than that of a semi-automatic type, and in some cases, it may even exceed the total cost of other equipment.


we recommend using a semi-automatic control panel for your nano/micro brewery.

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