Enhancing the Appeal: Efficient Techniques for Transporting and Storing Malt

Enhancing the Appeal: Efficient Techniques for Transporting and Storing Malt

Malt Transportation

Generally speaking, malt needs to be stored for at least 4 weeks before transportation. During this time, the outer peel is removed and the malt is slightly polished to increase the yield during mashing.

The reasons are as follows:

(1) Improper operation during malting and drying can result in the production of vitreous malt, which can be improved through proper storage.

(2) During storage, the activity of protease increases, promoting the dissolution of nitrogenous substances.

(3) In the process of storage, the acidity of the malt increases, which is beneficial for mashing.

(4) During storage, the amylase activity increases, enhancing the malt’s mashing ability.

(5) When the malt absorbs moisture, it becomes less brittle and won’t be completely crushed, which is advantageous for wort filtration. The main purpose of removing the outer peel and polishing is to eliminate dust and ensure the taste and appearance of the malt.

The transportation methods can be bulk or packaged in bags.

The transportation machinery must be cleaned and dried to prevent increasing humidity and the growth of mold in the malt.

The packaging materials must be clean and non-toxic. It should not be transported together with items that have poisonous or harmful odors.

Malt Storage

The warehouse should be well-ventilated and dry. Measures should also be taken to prevent heat and moisture.

The malt should be stacked according to different varieties and should not come into contact with or be placed near goods that can cause corrosion, mold, or humidity. It should also not be stacked with poisonous goods.

During storage, the temperature and water content of the malt should be checked. Ventilation and temperature reduction may be necessary. The temperature should be below 20℃, and the water content should not exceed 5%.

It is recommended to use the malt that has been stored for the shortest time and avoid long-term storage.

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