Enhancing the Attractiveness: Unveiling the Key Factors Influencing Beer Equipment Excellence

Enhancing the Attractiveness: Unveiling the Key Factors Influencing Beer Equipment Excellence

When it comes to the production of beer, how do we evaluate the quality of beer equipment? There is a lot of work to be done. From the equipment used in the production process to the actual ingredients, many factors can affect the final product. Compared to commercial beer, craft beer has a more refined and sophisticated essence. As the quality of life for the middle class improves.

For many beer enthusiasts, starting their own brewery and creating their own products for the market is a dream. It is reasonable to try to evaluate the quality of beer-making equipment as it plays a central role in beer brewing. When evaluating the quality of small-scale beer equipment, there are several points to consider, and the engineers at ACE will discuss how to choose a brewery setup.

The credibility of the manufacturer

One of the most important factors in evaluating beer equipment is the reputation of the supplier. This is also related to the fact that the more well-known the manufacturer, the more reliable the equipment itself. Reputation is the result of providing high-quality products and services over a long period of time.

Manufacturing capability

Beer equipment has various production capacities. This means that the production capacity of beer equipment may vary depending on the specific equipment.

Equipment efficiency

Another issue to address is equipment efficiency. When it comes to fermentation, almost any sealed container can be used. Making alcohol is simpler as long as it is separated from the outside world. This is one aspect of the equation. Of particular importance here is that the process needs to be efficient. A brewery is a business, which means that the beer-making process should be carried out in a rational manner. Equipment should be cost-effective and practical at all times. It should allow the alcohol production process to proceed quickly, uniformly, and with low maintenance. All of this adds up when it comes to the management and sustainability of a company’s profit.

Product quality

When purchasing anything, one must understand that there is always a risk factor from the moment of purchase to using it. This means that any manufacturer must guarantee the reliability of the product. When purchasing items, you can choose the appropriate style of beer equipment according to daily output and brewing type, or you can choose according to your own business model.

Equipment material

Brewing equipment includes brewhouse equipment, fermentation tanks, ice water tanks, and other double-layer thermal insulation tank components, valve body pipe fittings, etc. All are made of sanitary stainless steel. The material of the inner tank should be made of food-grade materials, which are also divided into two categories: although both 304 and 201 stainless steel are stainless, the cost can be reduced by 30% with 201 stainless steel. The disadvantage of 201 stainless steel is evident, as it is prone to rust, which will affect the taste of beer. It depends on the thickness of the equipment and whether the polishing of the equipment reaches a mirror level. If the thickness of the inner lining is too thin, the pressure will be reduced. If the welding joint is not handled well, it is easy to leak air, which greatly affects the quality of beer.

Energy consumption

If the insulation layer is made of rock wool or other materials, the compressor power is small and the pipe layout is unreasonable. This would be very energy-consuming, which would increase costs and reduce profits.

Various accessories

The quality of pipe fittings, valves, etc. in the market is uneven. The price is low, the quality is poor, and they will rust or leak in a short time.

Degree of automation

With the continuous integration of new information technology and manufacturing, intelligence has become one of the current development directions of beer brewing equipment. The integration of intelligence and beer brewing equipment realizes real-time monitoring and data collection of the entire process from the input of raw materials to the end of brewing.

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