Enhancing the Charm of Malt Storage and Crushing

Enhancing the Charm of Malt Storage and Crushing

Malt is the primary ingredient in beer brewing, and it needs to be stored in large quantities. So, how do we store and crush malt?

How to store malt:

The malt warehouse needs to be clean, dry, and well-ventilated. The floor and walls should be made of concrete or other waterproof building materials. Measures should be taken to prevent pests and mice.

Malt should be stored separately based on its variety. It should not come into contact with or be placed near items that may cause dampness or mildew. It is strictly prohibited to store malt near hazardous goods.

Regularly monitor the temperature and humidity levels. The temperature should be below 20℃, and the moisture content should be below 5%. If necessary, ensure proper ventilation and reduce the temperature.

Malt that enters the warehouse earlier should be used first to avoid storing it for too long and affecting its quality.

How to crush malt:

Try to maintain the integrity of the malt husk as much as possible. The malt husk contains bitter substances that can affect the flavor of the beer. Additionally, the malt husk helps form a natural filter bed. If the malt is crushed too finely, it can lead to difficulty in separating the wort due to a sticky mash.

The main extract in the wort comes from the endosperm, so it’s important to crush it effectively. However, there is still a degree of relative coarseness to consider. The general principle is to avoid excessive stickiness.

These are just basic guidelines for storing and crushing malt. If you would like to discuss this further, please feel free to send us an email.

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