Enhancing the Significance of Premium Labels

Enhancing the Significance of Premium Labels

It is no secret to consumers that you get what you pay for. While there may be a gray area where prices vary and quality can still be high, most shoppers understand that something that appears cheap will likely have cheap quality, even if it does save them money.

Even bargain hunters are seeking the best quality at the best prices, which is the essence of bargain shopping. The goal is not to find the cheapest products, but to find the best deals.

With that in mind, the label on your product immediately informs potential customers whether they are getting a great deal or a subpar product.

Design and Logo

The first consideration is, of course, your design or logo. The lettering and elements printed on your label should directly appeal to your target audience and convey your story in a concise manner.

Your label represents your brand’s story and is often competing with similar products on the shelf. It serves as an advertisement. Your label needs to stand out in a positive way, attract attention, and captivate your ideal customer. The quality of your design speaks volumes about the quality of your company.


Next, you need to determine the quality of the physical label that will showcase your design. Product labels consist of various components, including a liner, face stock, protective coating (varnish or laminate), and any special finishes like embossing or hot stamping.

The quality of each of these materials is important. Poorly made liners or adhesives can disintegrate or peel away before the label is even affixed, resulting in a wrinkled or misaligned appearance. Inferior face stock can lead to blurry or blotched imaging, making it difficult for customers to identify with your design or logo. Additionally, using anything less than top-quality varnish or laminate can be counterproductive, as it won’t effectively protect the image and may create an unprofessional appearance.

Application of Your Product Labels

In addition to design and materials, you must also consider the company that prints your labels.

Cheap printing and packaging companies often have inexperienced printer operators who lack attention to detail. This can result in labels that don’t properly fit your products or designs that don’t align with the label, indicating lower quality to customers at first glance.

Furthermore, low-quality label materials can cause significant damage to high-quality printers, resulting in hundreds or thousands of dollars in repairs. If you print your own labels using your own equipment, be aware that poor-quality label materials may have rough surfaces resembling sandpaper or ink buildup issues, which can harm the internal workings of the printer and lead to malfunctions and shutdowns. These issues can easily be avoided by investing in higher quality labels.

In the end, high-quality labeling communicates two important messages to your customers: you value your product and you care about your customers. It shows that you are willing to invest not only in your product but also in its packaging.

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