Enhancing Your Brewing Experience with the Hopped Malt Extract All Grain Brewing System

Enhancing Your Brewing Experience with the Hopped Malt Extract All Grain Brewing System

Conserves Time

When brewing with hopped malt extract, you can significantly reduce the brewing time. Instead of a 4-8 hour process, it can be cut down to approximately 30 minutes. This reduction in time does not affect the taste or flavor of the beer, it simply speeds up the brewing process.

If you want to add grains and hops to your beer, you can still do so using hopped malt extract as a base, and it will still save you hours in the brewing process. Overall, brewing with hopped malt extract saves time without compromising quality.

Conserves Space

By using hopped malt extract, you can minimize the amount of brewing equipment needed and the space taken up by your fermenter. When using other methods, you would require additional pots, containers, and tubes.

More Efficient Brews

When brewing with all-grain, one concern is the efficiency of the brewing process. Factors such as water volume and temperature can affect the efficiency. However, with hopped malt extract, this step is already taken care of, so you don’t have to worry about it. As long as you mix the ingredients thoroughly, you will always have an efficient brew.


As mentioned before, there are many variables when brewing with all-grain. However, when using hopped malt extract, you can expect consistent results every time. Just follow the standard brewing instructions, and you will get great-tasting beer consistently.

Significant Disadvantage

The one major downside of brewing with hopped malt extract is the color. While this is not a big issue for stouts and porters, it can result in a slightly darker gold color for ales and IPAs compared to a light gold shade. Despite this drawback, the benefits of brewing with hopped malt extract outweigh this disadvantage.

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