Essential Tank Varieties for Your Brewery

Lauter Tun

The Lauter Tun is a tank equipped with rotating rake arms and cutting blades. These components stir the grain and push out the spent grains from the tun. This can be done either manually or with an automated system. The rake is raised and lowered into the grain depending on the clarity of the runoff and the compactness of the grain bed. A watering system is required to add sparge water into the tank. Most systems use multiple spray heads to gently add water, preventing channels from forming in the grain bed.


Kettles are used for boiling the wort. The simplest versions are direct-fired by a burner located underneath them. However, this method often causes the wort to burn where it comes into contact with the flame. Many breweries have switched to steam-fired kettles that have steam jackets inside. These jackets boil the wort using steam generated by an external boiler.

Fermenters (Uni-fermentors)

Fermenter tanks are used for almost the entire fermentation process. By using fermenters, it is often possible to naturally carbonate the beer after approximately 80% of the fermentation has taken place. These tanks consist of three main components: a pressure release valve, a sight glass, and a sample cock. Temperature control is crucial for fermenter tanks. This can be achieved through insulation and jackets or by storing them in a temperature-controlled room.

Storage Tanks

Beer storage tanks are necessary for storing the beer. Generally, these tanks need to be rated for a minimum of 30 PSI and have similar components to fermenters, such as a pressure release valve, sight glass, and sample cock. Additionally, they are equipped with a racking arm on one side, which allows for the removal of the clear beer on top of the yeast cake. Storage tanks usually have a manway on the top and a drain at the bottom to empty the contents.

Brite Beer Tank

A Brite Beer Tank is specifically designed for carbonating beer. It includes typical components such as a pressure release valve, sight glass, and sample cock, along with a carbonating stone, spray ball, and a bottom valve for dispensing the beer.

Cold Liquor Tank

Cold Liquor Tanks are water tanks used to store cold water for chilling the hot wort to the appropriate fermentation temperature after boiling. They can be as simple as single-skinned vessels kept in a cold room.

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