Exciting Outlook: Emerging Directions in the Beer Industry

As the number of craft breweries continues to increase, we are witnessing new trends and fresh products in the beer industry. 2022 has already been an interesting year, and we can examine how the market has changed to predict its future. Here are a few trends that could shake things up in the beer market in 2022.

Healthier options on the rise

With the rising popularity of alcoholic seltzers and a general shift towards health-conscious consumers, the beer industry is trying to keep up with healthier alternatives. While some manufacturers are still trying to reduce calories, others are exploring different methods of creating healthier beers. This includes the growing popularity of the non-alcoholic beer market, which has experienced significant growth recently.

Biogenetically engineered products replacing raw materials

As our planet’s environment continues to change, not every manufacturer will be able to affordably source the same raw materials like fresh hops. To address this, many brewers are turning to science for solutions. Alternatives such as bioengineered yeast may completely revolutionize the way we think about beer brewing.

Beer expansion beyond IPAs

While IPAs still dominate the craft beer market, there is a limit to how many the industry can sustain. As a result, we may see many new and familiar craft breweries switching to different beer styles to avoid oversaturating the IPA market.

Small craft breweries challenging mass producers

It is no longer the responsibility of a few large companies to provide consumers with the beer they want to drink. Craft breweries are still growing, and in 2022, we may witness a shift in the industry that favors them. Some smaller breweries have already started to gain recognition and could take away market share from larger producers.

The release of more sour beers

An unexpected trend to watch out for in the beer market in 2022 is the increase in sour beer varieties. What used to be a niche market has quickly expanded into a significant share. This shift in consumer preference towards sours may lead to more familiar brands introducing a wide range of sour beers.

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