Expert Advice for Purchasing the Perfect Fermentation Tanks

If you have been brewing beer for a while, then you are aware of the importance of investing in a conical fermenter. The ideal conical fermenter is cone-shaped at the bottom and equipped with a valve. This valve makes it easy to dispose of the yeast. Additionally, you can remove the yeast, clean the fermenter, and reuse the yeast.

Depending on your purpose for using the fermenter, you can choose between a plastic conical fermenter or a stainless steel conical fermenter. Here are some factors to consider before deciding on the best conical fermenter for you.


Consider the amount of beer you plan to brew and purchase a fermenter of the appropriate size. If you intend to brew for commercial purposes, opt for a large conical fermenter. This will enable you to brew a large batch each time, saving you time. However, if you plan to brew on a small scale, a mini brew conical fermenter will suffice. It is relatively inexpensive.

Temperature Control

Temperature control plays a significant role in the quality of your beer. Therefore, choose a fermenter that allows for easy temperature control. By controlling the temperature, you ensure the production of delicious beer. Additionally, select a temperature control method that fits your budget and meets your needs.

Accessory Equipment

The best conical fermenter comes fully assembled. However, some may require additional parts that need to be purchased separately. If the fermenter is not assembled, it means additional costs for you. Whether you are buying the fermenter for commercial or home use, saving money is essential.

Storage of Brewed Beer

Many brewers prefer to store their beer in a separate tank. This allows for slow aging and carbonation. The longer the beer ferments, the sweeter it becomes. However, some brewers prefer a unitank system where the beer is stored in the same tank used for fermentation.


The price of a plastic conical fermenter differs from that of a stainless steel conical fermenter. The difference is due to the materials used in their manufacturing. The cost of the fermenter is an important factor to consider when choosing the size, type, and quality. The price varies depending on the country of manufacture and shipping costs. It is worth noting that plastic homebrew fermenters are relatively cheaper than commercial fermenters, mainly due to size considerations.


You may want to taste your beer without opening the fermenter. Certain valves provide this opportunity. The standard valve type is the butterfly valve, which allows for the removal of yeast and trub. However, if you need to use a different type of yeast, choose a plug that is designed for easy cleaning.

Compatibility with Other Uses

Consider how you will empty the conical fermenter. Some fermenters offer a pressurized technique that eliminates the need to elevate the tank to empty the beer. Choose the style of emptying that seems most convenient to you and select a conical fermenter that suits your needs.


The best conical fermenter offers numerous advantages and is cost-effective. Its ability to collect yeast allows for reuse, helping you recoup your investment. Before making a purchase, it is advisable to read conical fermenter reviews to guide your decision-making process.

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