Explore the Fascinating World of All Grain with This Comprehensive Glossary

Explore the Fascinating World of All Grain with This Comprehensive Glossary

Decoction Mashing:

A method of brewing with all grain, where a portion of the crushed grains is taken from the mash tun, boiled, and then returned to the mash tun to achieve the desired temperature rest.


The stage where the crushed malt is mixed with water in the mash tun.


The leftover material in the mash tun after the sparge.


Crushed malts and adjuncts that are mixed with water to form the mash.

Lauter Tun:

A vessel used to separate the sweet wort from the grains.

Mash/Lauter Tun:

A combination vessel where both the mash and lauter processes take place.

Mash Tun:

A vessel where the grist is combined with strike water and enzymatic reactions occur.

Multi-Step Mashing:

A mash method that involves several temperature rests, achieved through direct heat or the addition of boiling water (in a single-infusion system).

Single Infusion Mashing:

A mash method where only one temperature is used to convert malt starches into sugars. Water is heated to 12-18 degrees above the target temperature, then added to the grain while stirring, and held at that temperature until starch conversion is complete.

Sparge Water:

Heated rinse water that is dispersed over the grain bed once the mash is complete.

Strike Water:

The pre-heated water added to the grains. The high temperature of the strike water does not affect the enzyme activity, as the room temperature of the grains will cool it down enough.


A recirculation procedure that establishes the mash bed filter and clarifies the wort before boiling.

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