Explore the Fascinating World of Grain Materials and Exciting Alternatives

Explore the Fascinating World of Grain Materials and Exciting Alternatives

Almost all countries add other ingredients to brew beer, except for Germany, which strictly adheres to the purity law of 1516 and only allows the use of four raw materials: water, malt, hops, and yeast, with no additional ingredients. The term “accessory material” mainly refers to unspecified cereals, carbohydrates, syrups, etc. The main purpose is to consider economic factors and reduce costs.

The Purpose of Using Accessory Materials

Using cereals as accessory materials, which are rich in starch and inexpensive, can increase wort yield and produce cheaper wort, thus achieving the goal of cost reduction.

In cases where the quality and price of malt fluctuate, a stable level of wort and beer quality can still be maintained by adjusting the ratio of malt to accessory materials.

If carbohydrates or syrups are used as accessories, it can improve equipment utilization (saving capacity). It can also adjust the ratio of sugars and non-sugars, reducing beer color and improving beer fermentation.

Malt has lower levels of protein and easily oxidized polyphenols, which is beneficial for reducing beer color, improving taste, and increasing stability.

Using materials with high sugar and protein content is good for improving beer foam performance.

Considerations When Using Accessory Materials

Cost reduction benefits

Based on the malt situation and beer style, it is important to determine the type and quality of accessory materials. If there is insufficient maltase activity, suitable enzymes need to be added. If the nitrogen content that can be assimilated is low, neutral proteases should be added.

It should not result in filtration difficulties.

It should improve beer quality rather than introducing peculiar smells or affecting foam and color.

Types of Accessory Materials

Rice, corn, wheat, barley, millet, soybean, carbohydrates, etc.

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