Exploring the Distinctions: Craft Beer vs. Industrial Beer

Exploring the Distinctions: Craft Beer vs. Industrial Beer

While all beers share four basic ingredients, there are significant differences between craft and industrial beers. Craft beer can be considered art, showcasing skill and exclusivity. Craft beer is the product of a brewer’s creative impulse. This is why the world of craft beer offers an imagination that is absent in traditional beer, where the goal is to produce large quantities to maximize profits. Let us explain the main distinctions between craft beer and industrial beer!

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The Difference Between Craft Beer and Industrial Beer

The growing popularity of craft beer worldwide confirms the stark contrast between craft beer and traditional beer. This focus on differentiation and exclusivity has created a market that appeals to a wider audience. Are you ready to learn about the differences between craft beer and industrial beer?

Raw Materials

Craft beer is carefully crafted, and its raw materials must undergo a rigorous selection process before becoming part of the brewing process.


Large brewers have vast breweries that produce tons and liters of beer for national and international distribution. These fully automated processes, independent of the craftsmanship involved in craft beer production, take place in what are known as “microbreweries.” These smaller breweries rely on manual labor and feature specialized equipment. Therefore, human intervention is crucial for the execution and control of craft beer.


Fermentation is a key stage in brewing beer. Every beer goes through an initial fermentation process, during which the beer releases carbon dioxide. The difference lies in craft beer’s second fermentation, which produces natural gas synthesized by the yeast itself. This natural gas is more easily absorbed by the body compared to the artificially injected carbon dioxide present in industrial beer.

Flavor and Aroma

You don’t have to be an expert to distinguish between a craft beer and an industrial beer when presented with two identical glasses. Craft beers are often more visually appealing and possess a richer body. However, the most significant distinction lies in flavor and aroma. Craft beers offer intense aromas and distinct flavors. This is why an increasing number of consumers value the taste and product quality of craft beer. Moreover, craft beer can enhance the nutritional profile of industrial beer for those concerned about health.

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