Exploring the Unique Characteristics: Craft Beer vs. Industrial Beer

Exploring the Unique Characteristics: Craft Beer vs. Industrial Beer

While it is true that all beers share four basic ingredients, as we explained in a previous article, there is a significant difference between craft beers and industrial beers.

In the first approach, it can be said that artisan beer is art, it is virtuosity and exclusivity. Craft beer is the result of the whim of a master brewer.

That is why in the world of Craft Beer, it is possible to play with imagination, something that does not happen with conventional beer, whose objective is to produce thousands of liters to maximize income.

We are going to explain to you what the main differences between craft beer and industrial beer are!

Differences between Craft Beer and Industrial Beer

The boom of artisanal beers around the world is confirming the great differences between craft beer and conventional beer. Differentiation and exclusivity have given rise to a market that is increasingly attracting a wider audience.

Ready to know the differences between artisanal and industrial beer?

Raw Materials

Handmade beer is manufactured with care. And, regarding raw materials, they must go through a rigorous selection process before being part of the brewing process.

Place of Production

The major beer producers have giant beer factories that produce tons of liters to be distributed nationally and internationally. This fully automated process has nothing to do with how craft beer is made, which is carried out in the so-called “microbreweries.”

These microbreweries are small and characterized by fair machinery. For this reason, the human factor is essential for the execution and control in the elaboration of craft beer.


This is one of the key stages in beer production.

In the preparation of any beer, there is always a first fermentation. Thus, once this process is finished, the beer runs out of CO2.

The difference is that in the case of craft beers, a second fermentation occurs, obtaining a natural gas synthesized by the yeast itself, which is assimilated by the body much better than the CO2 that is usually artificially injected into industrial beers.

Flavor and Aroma

You do not have to be an expert in the field to distinguish, between two glasses of equal glass, which one is the artisan beer and which one is the industrial one. Indeed, craft beer has more distinctive colors and a fuller body.

But the most significant difference is the flavor and aroma: in craft beers, the aromas are intense, and the flavors are well-defined.

That’s why more and more consumers value craft beer tastings and product quality. And not only that, but for health purposes, craft beer offers multiplied nutrients compared to industrial beer.

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