Gin Distillery Equipment Red Copper Distilling Alcohol 50-5000L ACE brand

Gin Distillery Equipment

Standard Features:

All parts can be customized

  1. red copper, stainless steel 304/ 316

  2. Pot still, top, copper head, column, dephlegmator, condenser, parrot outlet, alcohol collecting tank, CIP, connecting pipes.

  3. Sight glasses, Temp sensor, analog temp gauge

  4. Electric heating (with heating elements)/steam heating

  5. CE, ISO, TUV Certificate

  6. One-year warranty

  7. Semi-automatic control panel

(The first batch you got can reach 65 degrees, and the maximum is 90 degrees.

One batch duration is 2–8 hours, and the total distillation time depends on your expected alcohol purity.)

Copper distillery equipment

Whisky Distiller50-5000LStill pot, Swan neck, Condenser, CIP, Pipe system
Vodka Distiller50-5000LStill pot, Onion head, Column, Dephlegmater, Condenser, Pipe system
Brandy Distiller50-5000LStill pot, Onion Head, Column, Dephlegmater, Condenser, Pipe system
Rum Distiller50-5000LStill pot, Column, Condenser, CIP, Pipe system
Gin Distiller50-5000LStill pot, Column, Gin basket, Condenser, CIP, Pipe system
Multi-Function Distiller50-5000LStill pot, Column, Onion head, Dephlegmater, Gin basket, Condenser, CIP, Pipe system, Collecting tank

Thermal meter & Glass sight

Copper column

Producers of the finest spirits rely on the capabilities and effectiveness of the distilling equipment it utilizes throughout the process. At ACE, we supply whisky, rum and gin making equipment. From all sizes of still – 50 liters to 5000 liters – we will have an option for you.

The plant consists of:

one cavity boiler in copper or stainless steel complete with: insulation for cavity boiler

stainless steel/glass manway

copper stack rectification column

six copper plates

two sight glasses located on side of column, one for light, one for viewing

side discharge outlet with valve DN100, manual operated

explosion proof agitator,

manometer and safety gauges for steam jacket

reflux complete with flowmeter

copper tube condenser, dephlegmator

stainless steel cooling coil

glazed basin for temperature and alcohol reading

In our excellent collection of brewing equipment, we offer our clients premium quality Microbrewery Equipment. This brewery equipment is well-manufactured by the use of premium quality components, basic material and sophisticated technology.