How can breweries enhance their preparations for the future?

How can breweries enhance their preparations for the future?

There are mainly five components that may require clients to prepare:

The gas source for a vapor boiler

If you choose steam heating or burner direct fire heating, the gas resource should be prepared in your brewery. A steady and sufficient gas resource is needed for wort steaming and mashing. We suggest a gas source system instead of gas cylinders.

The electric source for the controller and brewery devices

3-phase electricity is necessary for the brewery system. As 3-phase is secure and suitable for the brewery pump motor, rake motor, and brewery machinery. Electricity is extremely crucial for a brewery system; it should be double-verified before brewery system production. Please also verify if you have enough power in your brewery; otherwise, we need to acquire enough electricity.

Steam heating and burner heating beer systems require small electricity for operation, while the electric beer brewhouse requires greater power. So, we suggest steam heating for larger systems as it heats uniformly, quickly, and consumes less electricity.

Air source

An air source might be necessary in the brewery development and fermentation process.

a: Full sanitary air compressor for beer wort aeration

Consumers need to prepare one full sanitary air compressor to provide clean and sterile air for the wort after wort cooling in the heat exchanger. It is easy to find in the local market, but we can also use an oil-less air compressor if needed. The capacity depends on the brewhouse capacity and the number of fermentation and brite tanks. Sometimes it will also be used for the bottling line. The fermentation tank and brite tank also require compressed air to maintain tank pressure after brewery CIP cleaning.

b: CO2 cylinder

The carbon dioxide cylinder is used for carbonating the brite tanks and fermentation unitanks. Considering it is a special pressure vessel, we also suggest finding it from a local place, which will be more convenient for the air company to provide carbon dioxide.

The water source

A water treatment system may be needed for some brewers. Some brewers want to brew special beers that require special water characteristics (with specific ion content). It may require water reverse osmosis. In some areas, the water is not suitable for brewing, so a water treatment device is also required to ensure sufficient water for beer brewing.

Steam pipes and glycol pipes

For steam pipes, it requires professionals to install, and it is easier to determine the required length of the pipeline after seeing the brewery location. And it is easy to adjust the equipment on-site.

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