Industrial Gin Vodka Distillation Machine Industrial Distillation Machine 1000liter

Produce your own artisan vodka, gin, whiskey and specialty spirits!

Industrial Distillation Machine Industrial Distillation Machine 1000liter

1000L copper distillation equipment

1. Introduction of 1000L distillation equipment

This unit consists of pots, dephlegmator and condenser combined with copper, glass and copper columns, heated by steam or electricity.

A still is a stand-alone unit designed to meet and exceed the needs of a start-up distillery, or to be used as an advanced test still for a mature distillery of whisky, gin, fruit brandy, rum, wine spirits, and has the Possibility to produce vodka with an additional vodka column.

Provide a complete distillation process system, including mash tank, fermentation tanks, liquor storage tanks, etc.

2. 1000L distillation equipment

Tank capacity :1000L

steam heating

All Tri-clamp and flange connections; easy to install and clean after operation.

Distillation column copper column with 5 copper bubble caps

Customized distilling machinery for whiskey, vodka, brandy…

3. 1000L distillation equipment distillation

Tank assembly capacity 1000L, explosion-proof stirring motor, all-glass manhole

helmet copper whiskey helmet

Column copper consists of 4-20plates in total

Condenser column made of copper, shell and tube type

Support base made of SS, water tank and product tank as support base

Distilling equipment fittings with copper construction


It ensures you get the functionality of distilling whisky, brandy, gin and vodka and more.

Distilling pot: inner full copper pot, outer steam jacket insulation layer, outer layer polished fish scales, full glass manhole view, with a agitator on the top for stirring.

Column plate: full CU122 copper bubble plate, with valve operation on the side, CIP ball inserted into each plate for cleaning, and CIP pipe and valve operation on the back.

Bottom collection tank: The water tank collects the condenser water cycle for cleaning using CIP, the alcohol tank collects directly from the parrot, and a water pump is connected to the bottom.

Bubble caps: It consists of caps, drain pipe, bubble board, copper screw and bubble tee (we have stainless steel 304 and copper optional)

Control panel: control box material is stainless steel 304 or plastic optional;

Applicable voltage: 208/220/240V single-phase 60Hz, the heating temperature can be adjusted by the module.

The parrot spout has a high hygienic glass cover with a copper cover on the top, straight opening and a valve on the bottom.

  1. More distillation systems can be customized

200L distillation equipment

300L distillation equipment

500L distillation equipment

1500L distillation equipment

2000L distillation equipment

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