Is Electric Heating Compatible with the 1000-Liter Beer Equipment?

Is Electric Heating Compatible with the 1000-Liter Beer Equipment?

For heating the beer brewery equipment, it can be either electric or steam heating for the brewhouse. Usually, electric heating is used for systems smaller than 500L.

For a 1000L system, most customers would choose steam heating for the following reasons:

Steam provides even and fast heating.

The temperature can be easily controlled.

In addition, it won’t scorch the pot. It is especially suitable for mashing units above 1000L as it ensures even heating and temperature control. Electric heating carries the risk of scorching.

The heat source can vary, including electric, gas, diesel, etc., so you can choose the most cost-effective option.

All three tanks in the brewhouse can be heated by steam, while the electric pipe can only heat two tanks (the kettle and the hot liquor tank). This means that you cannot heat the mash tun and can only obtain hot water from the kettle or hot liquor tank.

The kettle and whirlpool are combined in one tank. If we install an electric pipe in this tank, it will hinder the whirlpool effect.

The kettle requires approximately 55Kw of heating, and the hot liquor tank requires 30kw of heating. So, in total, it is only about 85kw for them. You will need more than 100kw of installed electric capacity.

There will be many heating pipes in the tank, making cleaning difficult.

Based on the above, we advise you to choose steam heating.

It is true that the cost of a steam boiler is always very high, and professional installation is required. However, it is worth it in the long run.

But if you really prefer electric heating, we can also accommodate that. However, it is not as good as steam heating. The cost of the tanks for these two heating methods is the same. Of course, it will save the cost of a steam boiler. And there is no problem with electric heating for smaller systems like 200L, 300L, and 500L.

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