Key Considerations for Entrepreneurs Exploring Craft Brewery Ventures

When it comes to craft beer, it gives off a distinct sense of uniqueness. The distinctive character of craft beer itself is also favored by those seeking originality. Craft beer has quietly taken over these areas, quickly gaining popularity and becoming the latest hobby for many young individuals. Craft beer has gradually become popular and has caught the attention of more and more people.

Since the introduction of craft beer into China, after nearly 30 years of development, it has become popular among consumers and entrepreneurs due to its fresh and pure taste, unique flavors, and diverse variety. Today, self-brewing beer equipment manufacturers quickly explain why this venture is suitable for entrepreneurship.

1. Customers

Nowadays, the target customers in the market are usually the post-80s, 90s, and post-00s generations. They prefer relaxed bars and cozy pubs, and industrial beer is no longer their beverage of choice, so we must consider different varieties of craft beer.

2. Investment cost

For the initial investment in a beer equipment project, ACE beer equipment supplier suggests starting with small-scale equipment: 100L, 200L, 300L. The investment cost for a small bar of 100 square meters is about 200,000 yuan. The cost per liter of craft beer is approximately 1.5 yuan/liter, and the daily sales volume is 200L.

3. The project can be replicated

Once the craft beer house or beer bar operation becomes mature, its business model can be replicated. In the early stage of the business, a set of 300L hotel beer equipment was chosen, and the beverages in the surrounding hotels are bottled beer. His business model is to make craft beer, which will undoubtedly open up the market. If you also want to know his business model, get ACE equipment and we can share his success strategy.

4. There are many types of products

There are various types of beers available, commonly seen in the market are bottled beer, draft beer, and puree beer, both domestic and imported craft beers. Craft beer is the highest quality beer, unparalleled in terms of its taste and flavor compared to other types of beer. Its sales price is several times or even dozens of times that of regular beer. Therefore, craft beer has great market competitiveness compared to other similar competing products.

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