Key Considerations for Selecting High-Quality Bar Brewing Equipment

Beer Consumption

Before selecting a set of beer equipment, it is necessary to calculate the beer consumption of our establishment. Beer consumption is seasonal, so we need to have an understanding of the maximum daily and monthly consumption in order to ensure continuous supply during peak seasons.

Site Conditions

There are many factors related to site conditions (such as water supply, drainage, electricity, ventilation, magnetic fields, etc.) that may impose limitations. It is advisable to provide the equipment supplier with site drawings and information about the surrounding environment. If possible, invite the supplier to visit the site in order to provide appropriate solutions based on the specific conditions.

Expected Investment

When investing in a bar or hotel, it is important to consider not only the equipment but also the costs of raw materials, water, electricity, and personnel management. It is recommended to conduct a cost-benefit analysis in advance with the equipment manufacturer, taking into account local prices and consumption levels in the target area, in order to create a solid investment plan.

Types of Beer

Depending on the region, different types of beer may be preferred, and bar hotels often aim to offer a variety of options to enhance competitiveness. The desired number of beer types will influence the equipment configuration, particularly the fermentation system.

Brewing Batches

The brewing batch size also influences equipment configuration. The capacity of the brewhouse and fermentation systems can be scaled accordingly. For example, if the brewhouse and fermentation capacities are the same, brewing can occur twice daily; if multiplied by two, both brewing and fermentation can occur twice daily. However, the maximum multiple cannot exceed three times. Considering the average saccharification time of 8-10 hours, a maximum of three daily batches can be brewed, with the usual range being 1-2 batches. Choosing multi-batch brewing is a good strategy for reducing initial investment risk and saving costs.

Beer Brewing Process

If the investor has a specific brewing process, it must be communicated to the supplier for appropriate equipment configuration based on that process.

Beer Dispensing Equipment

There are various types of beer dispensing equipment available for bar hotels, with a wide range of prices. It is important to choose the equipment that best suits your needs.

Equipment Aesthetics

Brewhouse equipment, in particular, can be outfitted with copper or stainless steel exteriors, each offering different price points. It is crucial to not blindly follow trends, but instead consider your own decoration plan and overall store style when selecting the most appropriate option.

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