Mirror and 2B Finishing Options Available for Fermenters

Analysis of Internal Mirror Finish in Fermenters

Our factory sells thousands of fermenters yearly, but less than 20% are finished with internal mirrors. Let’s analyze the reasons from various aspects:

Beer Tank Treatment

For customers who prefer mirror polishing, we use mirror stainless steel to make the inner shell of the fermenter. The mirror plate is polished and waxed based on the 2B plate directly purchased from reputable stainless steel manufacturers.

Beer Tank Polishing Accuracy

The accuracy of mirror polishing is 0.1~0.2 μm, while 2B after polishing, pickling passivation is 0.2~0.4μm.

Aesthetic Measure

Mirror polishing provides a smoother and more visually appealing finish compared to 2B polishing.

Changes in the Welding Process

During welding, it is possible to have some small spots on the inner shell that may not be noticeable due to the high welding temperature. For 2B inner shells, pickling passivation is the final step to remove these spots and smooth the surface. However, for the mirror inner shell, pickling passivation is not allowed to preserve the initial mirror effect, which means these spots might remain even after the completion of the process. Therefore, we employ the most skilled workers to ensure the welding of mirror plates is done with utmost accuracy.

The Impact on Beer Quality

As previously mentioned, waxing is a crucial step in the mirror polishing process, and this wax is difficult to remove within a short period. It can remain in the tank and potentially affect the quality of the beer. Furthermore, anything hard to clean or remove from the tank’s surface can also negatively impact the beer. Board 2B does not have any such issue.

In summary, mirror polishing provides a smoother and more visually appealing finish, but it may have some drawbacks. On the other hand, 2B polishing is more stable throughout the fermenter process, and the accuracy of 0.2~0.4 is more than sufficient for beer fermentation. Consequently, more people prefer 2B polished fermenters to modify the inner shell of their fermenter.

2B Polished Fermenter

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