Optimal Storage Conditions for Exceptional Beer Quality

The storage conditions of finished beer are determined by its characteristics, and specific storage conditions need to meet the following requirements:

The storage should be arranged separately according to production time and type. It is also necessary to store and sell the beer after production, avoiding long-term storage in the warehouse.

The warehouse for storing finished beer should have suitable conditions, such as warmth in winter and coolness in summer. The temperature should not exceed 25℃ in summer and fall below 10℃ in winter. Additionally, insulation measures and cooling systems should be in place.

Good dryness and ventilation conditions should be maintained to prevent mold on carton packaging and rusting of bottle caps.

The finished beer should be stored in a warehouse and not stacked outdoors. Exposure to sunlight and rain should be avoided. Even brown and dark green bottles cannot prevent high-temperature oxidation. Stacking the beer outdoors in winter can lead to explosion and turbidity, as well as damage to the labels and rusting of the caps.

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