Optimize Your Brewery with the Perfect Glycol Chiller Selection

As we all know, the glycol chilling unit plays an essential role in ensuring the smooth operation of breweries. In many brewing processes, such as lowering the temperature of wort in heat exchangers and fermenters, a sufficient and timely supply of cold water is indispensable for producing mature and high-quality beer. Therefore, choosing the appropriate size and number of glycol chillers is another important factor to consider during the preparation process.

So, how do you choose suitable glycol chillers for your brewery?

We frequently get clients asking why we recommend using 2 sets of chillers instead of just 1 set. For instance, when comparing 2 sets of 5HP chillers with 1 set of 10HP chiller, we always advise using 2 sets of 5HP chillers due to the following main reasons:

First and foremost, it’s for energy saving.

Let’s take a 500L microbrewery system with 6 fermenters as an example. Sometimes, during multi-batch brewing, all 6 fermenters may need cooling at the same time, resulting in a relatively high demand for cold water. It is more efficient to have both chillers running simultaneously.

Secondly, for emergency situations.

Another important reason for choosing 2 sets of chillers is to avoid a scenario where one chiller fails to work. As we know, the fermenters need to be quickly cooled down as soon as a temperature reduction signal is received. Otherwise, it can negatively impact the quality and flavor of the beer. In the event of an emergency where one chiller breaks down, having a second one ensures a continued supply of cold water.

We understand that running a brewery with various factors to balance is not easy. Therefore, we are committed to providing our best support for your project, as we have always believed that success lies in the details.

Please feel free to contact me for more information. Cheers!

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