We Can Make The Brewing Equipment For Beer, Wine, Sparkling Wine, Whiskey, Gin, Brandy, Rum Etc
The Equipment Capacity From 50L To 20,000L.
Beer Equipment: Including The Brew house, Fermentor, Brite Tank, Mash Tun, CIP Trolley Etc;
Wine Equipment: Including The Red Wine/White Wine/Sparkling Wine Tank, Floating Lid Wine Tank And Whole Wine
Distiller Equipment: Including The Rum/Whiskey/Brandy/Gin/Vodka Stills

2000L Beer Fermenter


200L Distiller

300L Distiller

400L Distiller

500L Distiller

500L Distiller

300L Distiller

750L Distiller

1500L Distiller

500L Brew house

1000L brew house

500L Wine tank

3000L wine tank

Sparkling wine tank

Floating Lid Wine Tanks


100l distiller