Pros and Cons of Fermenters/Unitanks

Fermentation Vessels for Beer Making

Fermentation vessels (FVs), also known as ‘fermenters,’ are essential for the beer-making process. The wort is held in these vessels while yeast ferments it into beer. Fermenters come in different sizes and shapes made from various materials, including plastic, glass, and stainless steel.

Cylindroconical containers, usually called ‘conicals,’ have a cone-shaped base allowing manufacturers to remove yeast for disposal or repitching. This shape also allows for suppressing fruity flavors typically present when brewing yeast is used at high temperatures. Unitanks still allow for fermentation at standard atmospheric pressure for ales where fruity esters or other yeast-derived flavors are desired. Higher pressure also enables carbonating directly in the fermenter before packaging.

Advantages of Stainless Steel Fermenters

Stainless steel fermenters are a popular choice for making beer for several reasons:

If adequately sterilized, they are damage-resistantThey offer an excellent oxygen barrier, allowing for long-term storage or conditioning.They are highly durable and available in almost any size imaginableThe inclined cone-shape base, paired with a lower valve, allows for easy disposal of debris so that the vessel can be used as a post-fermentation Brite container for clarification or yeast collection without rackingThey can be cleaned in place (CIP) through a CIP spray ball and pumpMany have multiple lower outlets, including slightly higher valves that allow samples to be drawn without adding settled yeast from the lower coneSome include integrated heating and cooling systems for automatic fermentation temperature controlThey can be pressurized, reducing the time it takes to go from grain to glass, especially with brews

Disadvantages of Fermenters

There are also some drawbacks to consider:

Cleaning takes longer due to the many components and fittings.

We can customize conical beer fermenters according to your preferences. Contact us to receive a detailed quote on beer fermenters.

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