Spirits Distillery 1000L copper vodka gin whisky brandy distillery equipment for distilling alcohol

Spirits Distillery 1000L copper vodka gin whisky brandy distillery equipment for distilling alcohol

The mash is sterilized by heating it to boiling point, after which it is injected with lactic-acid bacteria to raise the acidity to the level needed for fermentation. During fermentation, the yeast will help to convert the sugars into alcohol. This process normally takes two to four days.

The most commonly used still for making vodka is a column still, but some distilleries use copper pot stills. Alcohol is cycled up and down the column and heated with steam until the vapors are released. The vapours rise into the upper chambers, where they are concentrated.

The spirit can be redistilled a few times before it is cut with water to bring down the alcohol level.

1000L copper vodka gin whisky brandy distillery equipment

Working capacity:50-5000L
Total Volume:working capacity*130%-150%
Weight:500 kg-5000 kg
Motor:3-phase power,UL/CSA/CE/ALEX, or Customizable brand
Welding TechnologyHigh purity argon arc welding
Heating Method:Steam/Electric
Distillation method:Liquid distillation by default, custom solid distillation can be customized
Running time:2-8h,Customizable continuous distillation
Shape:Upper and lower heads/Customizable
Distilled products:Gin/Whisky/Vodka/Brandy/Tequila/Rum/Bourbon
Optional module:1. Cooling water recycling system
2. Light system
3. Alcohol storage tank system (Head/Heart/Tail)

Copper spirits distillery equipment

Copper onion head

Main Features:

  1. A flexible modular system with free combined components.

  2. Optimized Fine Distillation Columns for premium Distillates

  3. Our high-performance Rectification Columns for effective rectification and cleaning of the distillate easily realize alcohol concentrations of up to 96% vol. At any desired purity level.

  4. Effective cleaning of the entire distillation unit by means of integrated high-pressure rinsing system.

  5. The three-way ball valve can be used to make the distillation equipment multi-functional, and different spirits can be made according to customer needs.

  6. Coordinated fine distillate bottoms with maximized copper contact surface. This continuously further developed design ensures that the desired flavors unfold and are separated from unwanted component


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