The Benefits of Enlisting a Brewing Consultant

The Benefits of Enlisting a Brewing Consultant

Professional brewers offer technical support to help with day-to-day issues, including site visits, reviewing brewing procedures, and investigating ongoing production problems.

The craft beer industry has grown, creating a demand for specialized brewing equipment and skilled brewers. Many brewing equipment manufacturers now take on the task of producing breweries. However, new startup breweries often lack an understanding of the brewing process and modern brewery design. Consequently, they require assistance. Poor craftsmanship, design, and advice from small brewery equipment suppliers contribute to the abundance of low-quality beer in the market today. The shortage of experienced brewers exacerbates this problem. A qualified brewer should know each step of the brewing process and how to use equipment to produce excellent beer. That’s why hiring a professional brewing consultant is crucial.

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Brewing Consultant?

Hiring a professional brewing consultant is the first step to ensuring the success of your brewery. Their expertise can save you startup or expansion costs and make your brewery more cost-effective. Whether they are accounting professionals, lawyers, architects, general contractors, or brewery and business planning consultants, their knowledge can benefit a new business or brewery owner in several ways.

Provide Experience And Knowledge That Will Save You Time

Time is the most valuable asset for a startup brewery, especially before it generates revenue. When starting a brewery project, your budget determines how far you can go until you start making money. One of the key advantages of working with an advisor is the time they can save you. Senior consultants have years or even decades of experience and knowledge in their field. They can help you avoid mistakes, navigate government regulations, plan your operations and business model effectively, and gain insight into the finer details of your brewery. This not only reduces your research workload but also accelerates your progress towards a successful brewery.

Manage And Plan For Cost Savings And Prepare For Success

Cost is a critical consideration for all breweries and business owners. Proper cost management starts with your business plan, choice of brewery equipment, and brewery design. A brewery operations consultant can save you tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on the scale of your project. Experienced consultants can provide accurate data to forecast and estimate your brewery’s performance before its opening, ensuring a successful business model. In addition to sales and production planning, the right equipment and design enhance workflow efficiency and facilitate future expansion. An efficient brewery is more likely to succeed. Investing in brewing advisors, additional equipment, or infrastructure upgrades in the short term can yield significant long-term benefits.

Peace Of Mind And Sustainability

The main reason for hiring anyone is to trust that they will do a better job and free up your time for other important matters. While you will collaborate closely with your brewing advisor, you can rest assured that major issues will not go unnoticed. Most consultants provide continuous support throughout the planning and opening process. Moreover, if their capabilities are exceeded, they can recommend trusted contacts who can offer assistance.

What To Look For When Choosing A Brewing Consultant?

Educational Background: A brewing consultant should have a formal degree in brewing science to provide direct advice on brewing techniques and technical issues.

Experience: A good brewing consultant should have at least 10 years of experience as a brewer or in a leadership position in the brewing industry.

Proven Track Record of Success: It is essential to see evidence of success before entrusting your projects and concerns to a brewing consultant. Look for consultants in the brewing industry who can demonstrate a history of successful outcomes and provide constructive advice.

Special Skills and Additional Qualifications: Valuable brewing consultants possess additional education, qualifications, and special skills that make them more valuable to your brewery.

Even with excellent brewery plans, complications can arise during the planning and opening stages. Hiring a brewery consultant is a significant investment, but it can shape your plan and ensure its success by avoiding costly mistakes and saving time. When choosing a brewing consultant, conduct thorough interviews, request references, and understand their areas of expertise. Ultimately, a brewing consultant is a wise investment that can yield long-term rewards.

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