The Essential Requirements for a Microbrewery

The Essential Requirements for a Microbrewery

Tiny craft beer equipment is also known as micro beer equipment. The emergence of small craft beer products has enriched the beer industry and added style and charm to it. Various winemaking processes can be utilized to control the taste and physical and chemical indicators of the beer. It is suitable for restaurants, bars, eateries, and other dining establishments.

What does a microbrewery need?

The term “microbrewery” has been associated with breweries and has introduced new perspectives and strategies for developing adaptability, versatility, and testing solutions for consumers. Microbreweries are classified based on the amount of beer (in barrels) produced in a year. They can produce up to 15,000 barrels of beer annually, of which 75% needs to be sold outside the brewery.

Micro-brewery system composition

  1. Crushing – Malt crushing, crusher.
  2. Mash pot – Mash pot, filter tank, sedimentation tank, mixer (mash enzyme – decompose – produce carbon dioxide).
  3. Automatic control – Siemens automatic control 7-inch LCD screen, automatic cooling.
  4. Fermentation – Stainless steel fermentation tank (can be increased in quantity), mainly used for fermentation and storage of beer.
  5. CIP Wash – Automatic washing, capable of washing both the sugar tank and fermentation tank.
  6. Refrigeration – The compressor refrigerates the alcohol, and the cooled alcohol is pumped to the fermentation tank. The contact between alcohol and beer follows a centralized indirect system. Cold, but not freezing.
  7. Exhaust – Saccharification hot wheat timer. Steam is generated after boiling for 60 minutes, so there is an exhaust tube inside that is cooled by water, ensuring no gas when it comes out.
  8. Wine sales – The wine sales tank is refrigerated, and the beer flows out of the beer bar (beer dispenser, food hose).
  9. Heating – Electric heating or steam heating with two sets of heating tubes used for wort boiling.

Features of beer equipment

  • The equipment is made of red copper or 304 stainless steel, giving it a luxurious appearance.
  • It can brew various types of beer such as dark beer, yellow beer, kvass, and other beer beverages.
  • Simple and flexible operation, low power consumption, and small footprint.
  • The production environment is hygienic and clean, ensuring the beer’s aroma.
  • High degree of automation and stable performance.

Equipment models

The product specifications range from 50 to 2000 liters per day. ACE can also customize beer equipment based on customers’ specific requirements. Each piece of equipment undergoes quality inspection before shipment. ACE will also provide related services and turnkey projects, including installation, commissioning, after-sales service, brewing recipes and processes for different beer varieties, and training services for brewers.

Plans to build a craft brewery

In response to the needs of the catering industry, ACE has designed and manufactured self-brewing beer equipment with exquisite and luxurious appearances. It features a small footprint, simple operation, a wide range of product models, optional components, and customized non-standard equipment. Not only does it hold high viewing value, but it also allows guests to witness the entire beer production process and appreciate the profound connotation of beer culture.

If you are planning to open or expand a brewery, you can contact us directly to get a turnkey solution for brewery equipment. Our engineers will design and manufacture brewery equipment according to your brewing process. We also provide complete turnkey solutions and customized options for brewery expansion.

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